Edito Exclusif Voyages

Traveling, discovering, meeting, knowing, learning, this is my DNA.
Ten years ago, somewhere at the other end of the planet, I met Sophie Arbib, founder of Exclusif Voyages, for the first time: a beautiful encounter, a true sharing of knowledges, and a new approach to see the world.
Sophie imagines and creates luxury stays and tailor-made itineraries for passionate and demanding travelers. While I deal with the corporate world, Sophie addresses individual clients, with an identical yearning for quality.
A limitless curiosity, a shared desire for the absolute and the beautiful, an immense need to delight with bold, unusual ideas. We have decided to create a synergy of these skills, for the benefit of companies and individuals. Somerset will be in charge of all events, incentives, seminars of Exclusif Voyages’ customers, while Exclusif Voyages will plan exceptional private travels for Somerset. With rigor and enthusiasm, both agencies combine their talent for tailor-made luxury, to invent unique moments, within the smallest details, in every corner of the world.

Pascale Leclerc Bert
Founder of Somerset

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