Through custom-made, thematic programs, Somerset invites you to meet professionals from all over the world.

LEX, our Learning Expeditions program, brings your employees and partners in contact with different, yet complementary profiles. Stemming from a wide range of start-ups, established companies and institutions, these carefully selected specialists, from cutting-edge fields of technology and the new economy, make the strength of their local and professional communities, in Europe, Asia or North America.

Based on shared knowledge and exchange, our approach focuses on learning and discovery, from fast-growing ecosystems and fields of expertise, to pioneering behaviors and processes, and to specific working methods and tools.


Immersion in new, dynamic environments encourages your guests to open up to different points of view, to learn and adopt unusual approaches, to think outside the everyday box. Our raison d’être: stimulating innovative ideas, generating inspiration, unleashing creativity, setting innovation in motion.


Innovation in renewable energy in Canada – Green Tech in Iceland, the land of geothermal energy – FinTech in Stockholm – K-beauty, the new beauty markets in South Korea – Digitalization in Tallinn – NRF in New York – The Internet of Things at CES in Shanghai – The Silver Economy empire in Japan – Artificial Intelligence challenges in Berlin – Smart City in Dublin and Copenhagen – Smart Nation in Tel Aviv – Innovation at CES in the heart of Las Vegas – New Media in Los Angeles